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Alternative to Suspension

For questions, please contact the admin@afriendofthefamily.com.

Goal: A program to provide students an alternative to suspension (ATS) by participating in academics and character education in lieu of being suspended.  Students attend school at the Alternative to Suspension site and complete academic assignments and participate in group sessions to learn about the code of conduct and better decision making.  Successful completion of students’ day in ATS offers the student a consequence for their actions that permits growth and learning.  If student does not successfully complete their day in ATS, the suspension is upheld.  Students are referred by their school and must be on the daily list provided by district in order to attend.

Referral process:  Sending school must send an email to admin@afriendofthefamily.com providing student name and ID, grade level, reason for referral, and number of days to attend. Receipt of the email no later than 3:00PM should allow student attendance the following day.  Confirmation of student attendance will be provided prior to students starting.

Arrival/Departure:  Students will arrive at their sending school, and following breakfast, will ride a bus/van to ATS.  Lunch will be provided to students confirmed attending (see Referral Process).  At the end of the school day, students will ride a bus/van back to their sending school in order to board their bus ride home.

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