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Homework Club

The Weiner Foundation and A Friend of the Family, Inc., offers an evening homework club for all students residing in StoneyBrook in Wilmington DE.

The goal of the Homework Club is to strengthen the communities by assisting students and parents in offering a positive after school program.

By providing academic and homework support for students to help them master basic skills, develop realistic plans, achieve academic goals, and increase self-respect and self-discipline youth will have the opportunity to develop

·     Competence and achievement
·     Meaningful participation in school and community
·     Structured and clear limits
·     Self-exploration and self-definition
·     Positive social interaction with adults and peers

Providing youth and their family the ability to share and communicate is a tool that expands beyond the classroom. Youth will learn through homework support, independent practice, interaction skills, reading, discussion, and creative methodology as devised between staff and students.

It is the goal of AFOF that through group sessions, one-to-one interaction, and appropriate communication, the students will prove to themselves that they are capable of finding and exhibiting their potential.

If you are interested in attending and would like more information, please e-mail admin@afriendofthefamily.com or call A Friend of the Family, Inc., office at (302) 463 4603.

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