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To implement in your district/school, please call
(302) 463-4603.


 Student Support is a program working with students in identified schools to provide:


Hall Monitoring ~ maintain clear hallways and orderly change of classes
· Ensure students report to assigned area
· Work to positively redirect students to their assigned area
· Provide intervention as needed
· Escort students to appropriate areas
· Assist with lunch duty and bus duty

Time-out Monitor ~ work directly with students with the primary purpose of improving behavior and attitude
· Identify behaviors needing improvement
· Work with students and school staff to develop and implement pro-active behaviors and attitudes
· Work with Multi-disciplinary team to implement effective in-school suspension classroom strategies and assist in maintaining school climate behaviors conducive to learning

In school Suspension Monitor
· Conduct sessions/groups regarding Student Code of Conduct and understanding code violations
· Utilize individual and small group counseling strategies to pro-actively address discipline issues
· Work with district school staff to enhance parent, student, and family relations
· Use daily point cards to provide a baseline of behavior and identify areas of improvement
· Provide academic assistance to align with student’s grade level or remedial level, as provided by the district school teachers

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