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AFOF Experience and Expertise

School Year started – Service
1999 – Consulting
2001–2002 – Red Clay District  The Community School
2002–2003 – Consortium The Compass School
DYRS  TOOLS (Teaching Others Optimum Learning Strategies)
Red Clay District  Journey
2003–2004 – Brandywine District  Brandywine Community School
DYRS  First Chance
2004–2005 – Kuumba Academy  Kuumba Academy Program (KAP)
Brandywine District  Twilight Academy Program (TAP)
Red Clay District  RedClay Academy Program (RAP)
2005–2006 – Consortium  The Cobblestone School
Red Clay District  The Central School
Consulting  Duval County, Curriculum Review
2006–2007 – Weiner Foundation  Homework Club
Brandywine District  Elementary Program
2008-2009 – Christina District  RCubed Program
Red Clay District  The Right Choice School
2009–2010 – Christina District Professional Development
2010–2011 – Christina District  Student Support Services
Kuumba Academy  Training
2011–2012 – Summer School Enrichment  Red Clay Mote and Marbrook
Cobblestone RC  Middle School
2012–2013 – BSD – Mt Pleasant Elementary  Take Time Targeted Intervention
Brandywine District  Alternative To Suspension
2013-2014 – Christina District   Palmer Take Time Program
Christina District  Professional Development
Red Clay District  AIMS Take Time
2014-2015 – Brandywine  Lombardy Rcubed
Brandywine  Maple Lane Take Time
Moyer Academy  Professional Development
2015-2016 – Red Clay   Professional Development
2016-2017 – Christina  Bayard ATS

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