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Professional Development (PD)
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Suggested Topics:

  • Behavior Referrals – writing effectively for results
  • Behavior Analysis – why students act that way
  • Behavior Intervention – FBA, BIP, Contracts, Point card system
  • Team Building – working together for a positive school climate
  • Crisis Intervention – developing procedures
  • Communication – Effective and concise between staff, students, administration
  • Lesson planning – format preparation to include daily focus, warm-up, closing activities, homework

What Planet are these Kids From?
Objective: Identify various learning styles, needs of students, and reasons for behavior to aid in separating the behavior from the individual.
Abstract:  Focusing on classroom management, explaining the importance of motivating the student population by determining the root of the behaviors, recognizing the need for accommodations according to various learning styles, learning the impact student’s home and community environments have on the classroom process, and methods and strategies to use in the classroom. (2 to 4 hour training)

Team Building
Objective: To understand the differences in why people act and talk the way they do.  Knowing that traits affect our verbal and non-verbal language helps to deter personalization of actions by others.
Abstract: Inter-active activities to provide staff with strategies of communicating with students, staff, parents, outside agency representatives, and district professionals. Compass technique that allows staff to identify their character traits and style of teaching and learning.  Understanding of self permits more cohesive instruction, as staff is aware of various learning and teaching styles and how all styles inter-act with one another. (2 hour training)

Impact of Labeling
Objective:  To walk in someone else’s shoes and understand how it feels to experience his or her challenges.  Promoting empathy for one another and how to effectively work with the characteristics of others.
Abstract: Team activity where each person identifies as a characteristic, i.e. easy to anger, always happy, likes to curse.  Work together to identify strategies to deal with various personalities within the classroom environment and how to pro-actively implement resources. (1 hour training)

Classroom Management
Objective: To enhance the implementation of strategies to make the classroom effective and efficient.  An overall view of components to ensure students and staff are knowledgeable in the day-to-day flow of the classroom routine.
Abstract: Designing the classroom to foster student involvement and cooperation in all classroom activities and establish a productive working environment.  Effective teaching, and understanding of students, is combined to promote strategic planning.  Structure, rules, expectations, procedures, and organized management are inclusive of the topics reviewed. (2 to 4 hour training)

Family intervention and home consultations
Objective: To provide local organizations insight into aspects of parenting, issues involved with providing and supporting a proper education, and age-appropriate behavioral and academic performance management, including follow-up and parent/family sessions.
Objective  This program is designed to address the identified needs of the group.  A consultation will solicit needed information to address the needs and concerns of attendees. (time dependent upon requests/needs)

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